Half Full

Our good friends at the Irish Times asked us to think about ideas for Christmas gifts that might cost very little and be more thoughtful than most… the ‘Half Full’ planner kit was born. The gift, personalised by the giver, is not the place for dental appointments, exams, meetings with the accountant or niggling chores. The “Half Full” planner should only be used by the recipient to mark the highlights of the upcoming year—days off work, new projects, festivals, outings, birthdays, weddings, special family dates and anniversaries, keeping the outlook optimistic all the way and spreading collective positivity.

Its an A1 .pdf file easily printed at a digital print or copy centre just bring the file along on a disc or usb key. You can download it HERE.

We have already included some of our favourite national events and you’ll be adding more events that you know the recipient will enjoy. Once you have the print out you will need to prepare the post-its which will highlight important dates, plans or events and add splashes of colour to your year. You can also write events directly onto the chart.

1. We have used the smallest size post-its which are 51mm x 38mm (2”x1.5”). They come in a variety of colours. 2. You will need to cut the blocks in half. 3. Then punch a hole in the top left corner using a standard 2 hole paper punch (if you have a single hole one then even better). It’s best to do the post-its in small amounts, you won’t need too many. 4. Add events to the chart that will mean something to the recipient, pop the post-its and the chart in a mailing tube.

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