The skills of Mr. Zapf

Best known for his typeface design including Palatino, Optima and Zapfino, Hermann Zapf was also a self taught calligrapher. This beautiful film about the purpose and techniques of calligraphy was produced in 1967 during a visit to Hallmark Cards. Refreshing reminder of the craft and skill involved in lettering and one man’s passion for type.

Via Johnny Dib & Heydays

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Origami Christmas

It’s that time of the year again and in a do-it-yourself style we have put together everything you need for your very own origami christmas card. Some of you may have received the original in the post, and if so our instructional video may help — if not simply download a pdf HERE and off you go.

Everyone here at DETAIL. wishes you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and optimistic 2011. [ Including Mr. Stephen McCarthy Esq. who is off to do an M.A. in foreign parts. We wish him well, he will be missed ]

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Equations for living

We recently came across the ‘New Math’ project from Craig Damrauer — a unique mathemathical view of  everyday life, emotions and activities. It made us smile. Have a look at the complete set here —

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Half Full

Our good friends at the Irish Times asked us to think about ideas for Christmas gifts that might cost very little and be more thoughtful than most… the ‘Half Full’ planner kit was born. The gift, personalised by the giver, is not the place for dental appointments, exams, meetings with the accountant or niggling chores. The “Half Full” planner should only be used by the recipient to mark the highlights of the upcoming year—days off work, new projects, festivals, outings, birthdays, weddings, special family dates and anniversaries, keeping the outlook optimistic all the way and spreading collective positivity.

Its an A1 .pdf file easily printed at a digital print or copy centre just bring the file along on a disc or usb key. You can download it HERE.

We have already included some of our favourite national events and you’ll be adding more events that you know the recipient will enjoy. Once you have the print out you will need to prepare the post-its which will highlight important dates, plans or events and add splashes of colour to your year. You can also write events directly onto the chart.

1. We have used the smallest size post-its which are 51mm x 38mm (2”x1.5”). They come in a variety of colours. 2. You will need to cut the blocks in half. 3. Then punch a hole in the top left corner using a standard 2 hole paper punch (if you have a single hole one then even better). It’s best to do the post-its in small amounts, you won’t need too many. 4. Add events to the chart that will mean something to the recipient, pop the post-its and the chart in a mailing tube.

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Its fair to say we have had a mild obsession with post-its for a little while now… So when we got the call from the Irish Times about good value, fun Christmas things we thought they would make some damn fine alternative decorations.

You don’t need to have a creative bone in your body to make these festive graphics,  all you need is a few packs of the smallest sized post-its 51mm x 38mm (2”x1.5”), which come in lots of complementary colours. Download our templates HERE or make up your own seasonal images. Stick the post-its directly onto the walls, in the house or in the office, for instant Christmas cheer.

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True Irish Hospitality

This is the title of the new issue of SAS inflight magazine—Scanorama—which features the various endeavors of our good friends on Inis Meáin. The 10 page article is a lovely insight into the story of Inis Meáin Restaurant and Suites, its humble beginnings and recent worldwide notoriety. It is also a nice introduction to their ethos and background as well as an inspiring reason to pay them a visit next year.  Check out the full article here.

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Offset 2010

So the doors have just closed once again on Ireland’s premier creative festival—Offset 2010. It was a very special three days in Dublin where the team from The Small Print put together a world class event. With inspirational presentation and conversation from Scott Dadich, Lance Wyman, Steven Heller, Linda Brownlee and many many more, we left inspired, enlightened and entertained. We were delighted to have contributed in a small way by presenting a workshop with some insights for students on finding Internships. If you are interested the notes from the session can be downloaded here.

UPDATE: Very interesting presentation titled 7 Skills students need for their future by Tony Wagner — here.

He is the author of the snappily titled: The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don’t Teach the New Survival Skills Our Children Need-And What We Can do About It. He has worked for more than thirty-five years in the field of school improvement, and he is a frequent keynote speaker and widely published author on education and society.

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It only seem like yesterday that young Ian left the Detail. family to begin a new life in the land of Moose and Mounties. His latest venture which turns national pride into a tasteful fashion experience has just been launched here Bearhug. When the canadians are fully kitted out in stylish T’s perhaps he could turn his attention to our shamrocks and Leprechauns.

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For your safety

Air Contractors asked us to to design a Passenger Safety Card for the Boeing 737-300. They recently began operating passenger services with Europe Airpost, who are the airline responsible for mail delivery in France. Little did we know that in order to get approval from the appropriate aviation authority every minute detail in the illustration was scrutinised. It turned into quite a process, but we can sleep soundly in the knowledge that our passengers will have no difficulty in stowing their briefcase or assuming the crash position… Please do not remove from the aircraft!

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WTF is Social Media NOW

For the last three years the good people at espresso have produced an overview of the state of  social media. As ever its a mind-boggling set of facts and figures. Five hundred billion minutes per month spent on Facebook… Twenty four hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute… It goes on and on. All driven by the under 30′s—more than half of the human race—who have never known life without the internet. What becomes more scary is if you take a moment to compare the figures from previous years. See the complete presentation here: WTF is Social Media NOW?

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